The Effects of Obesity on Male and Female Fertility.(Part-2)

Erectile dysfunction (ED): Obese men are more likely to develop ED, which can compromise sexual performance and fertility.

Increased Scrotal Temperature: Abdominal and pelvic fat can raise scrotal temperature, affecting sperm production and quality.

Obesity increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, which includes high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and abnormal cholesterol levels. v

Men and women should exercise and eat well to maintain a healthy weight.

Lifestyle changes: Avoiding smoking and alcohol can improve fertility.

Medical Consultation: Reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists can offer individualized advise and treatment choices for infertile couples.

It is essential to keep in mind that the ways in which individuals react to obesity and fertility might vary, and that not all individuals who are obese will face difficulties with their fertility. 

The maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, is generally advantageous for the reproductive health of both men and women. In the event that problems regarding fertility occur, it is recommended that rapid medical attention be sought.

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