The five chefs choose to honor their most cherished instructor by preparing a meal in their honor.

It is impossible to put a price on a teacher's impact on our lives. In addition to instilling in us the fundamentals of survival, they mold us into the people we are today. As a surprise for our teachers on Teachers' Day, we always get them a notebook, watch, inspiring words, and greeting cards.

This year, we decided to make a difference and ask the new-age cooks to remember their mentor by preparing a meal that they would dedicate to them along with a message sent from the heart.

I consider him to be my professional mentor, and he is the one who sparked my interest in traveling to a different and distinctive location. I would want to express my gratitude to Chef Max, who I am happy to acknowledge as the reason for my professional success.

In honor of this occasion, I present to you my oven-baked amour fish with caramelized onion, sweated spinach, white wine vinegar, and green peppercorn sauce. He is an Italian national, grew up in the Mediterranean, and has a deep affection for seafood, which is why I want to dedicate this to him.

Even though you only asked me to identify one person, I'd want to list three because they've been instrumental in my achievement thus far. Their instruction and insight into the finer points of cooking were invaluable, and I doubt I would have made it this far without them.

We remember our culinary and baking teachers, which is odd. On teacher's day, I contacted my inspiration, famous chef Nigela Lawson, whom I've never met. Her screen presence and culinary skills motivated me to become a chef. I enjoy her honest teaching and connection. She makes cooking fun, and watching her is relaxing.

I wish to dedicate ‘Aamrish Puri’ since it brings back memories of my school years. During her mentorship, our student-mentor relationship was as unique as ‘Aamrish Puri’ and we had the perfect creative partnership.

Dedicate "Oh My Gourd" dish. It contains lacto-fermented karela, khurchan, kefir gourd gastrique, amaranth, and air-dried coconut. As gourd is bitter, I add lacto fermented for 5 days to produce a citrusy, gut-healthy flavor. I serve it with karela fermented liquid reduction and khurchan packed in karela for crispness. This is my innovation she adores.

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