The Ultimate Core Exercise Guide (Core Strengthening)

A Strong Core Matters:

Before starting workouts, know that a strong core stabilizes your spine, improves posture, and boosts strength and balance.


Plank is the basis. Keep your body straight on your forearms and toes while lying face down. Hold for as long as possible, gradually increasing time.

Russian Twists:

Seated with knees bent and feet raised. Twisting your body, touch a weight or medicine ball to the ground on each side. Obliques are targeted.

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Leg raises:

Lift your legs straight up from your back without bending your knees. Slowly lower them. Lower abs are targeted.

Bicycle Crunches:

Lay back with hands behind head and legs bent. Right elbow and left knee should face each other when extending right leg. Repeat the opposite side cycling.

Dead Bugs:

 Lie on your back with arms up and knees bent 90 degrees. Keep your back flat and lower your right arm and left leg. Swap sides.

Hollow Body Hold:

Lying on your back with arms above, elevate your shoulders and legs while maintaining your lower back pushed against the floor. Hold this pose with your core engaged.

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