There are five reasons why happy couples share their lives on social media so infrequently.

The feeling of being extremely envious of a pair whose postings and videos dominated your social media stream is something that all of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

There is a possibility that such couples are merely arguing with each other, despite the fact that it may appear to be quite romantic. When it comes to maintaining a happy and balanced relationship, there is a reason why couples that avoid the spotlight of social media tend to be more successful.

Despite this, there are a few reasons why happy couples rarely post about their lives on social media or other online platforms. We will now discuss a few of those reasons.

Constantly uploading photos of you and your lover on social media may be an attempt to convince followers of your great love story. In reality, you shouldn't have to justify your happiness with your lover. Happy, honest partners don't need to prove their connection.

Regularly posting about their whole life on social media is egocentric and arrogant, as proved. The lack of helpful individuals in their lives drives them to seek online acceptance and flattery. Couples that are happy together don't need to post.

A prosperous couple seldom posts vacation photos on social media. They will upload them after returning home or later. Because they don't need to share their joy. They'd rather enjoy the present than share their meals or location.

Naturally, social media is competitive. People constantly compare themselves to others and face their greatest vulnerabilities. Since social media has made us insecure and unsatisfied with what we have, happy couples seldom compare themselves to others.

Happy couples in successful marriages don't need others to make each other happy. Thus, such couples don't waste time or need social media to be happy. No need to boast, make others envious, or prove anything.

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