There is a possibility that our drinking water is polluted by imperceptible microplastics.

Drink a lot of water if you want to maintain your form and health. In the event that you become aware of the fact that the water you drink is in danger, these words of wisdom may appear to be entirely untrue to you. To cite the findings of a recent research, 

It has been discovered that the plastics that are present in our waste streams are disintegrating into extremely small particles, which might have potentially disastrous effects on the health of humans and their aquatic counterparts.

Research in the journal Water Research has shown that nano and microplastics used in wastewater and water treatment are contaminating the water supply. According to the study's authors, small plastic particles degrade more rapidly in treatment processes, which lowers treatment plant efficiency and affects water quality. 

The study suggests live organisms may devour nano and microplastics and transfer them via water and wastewater treatment systems. They affect the performance of water treatment operations by clogging filtering machines and wearing out the materials used in their manufacture. They are so little we can't tell if we're drinking them with water.

Approximately 250 million tons of plastic will have entered the world's rivers and seas by the year 2025, according to estimates, with 300 million tons of plastic generated year and up to 13 million tons dumped into these bodies of water.

Due to the fact that plastic materials do not typically degrade, the researchers believe that the accumulation of plastic pollution in the aquatic environment is a significant cause for worry.

The study also sheds insight on the challenges that are currently being faced when attempting to identify the presence of nano and microplastics in treatment systems today.

Environmentalists are of the belief that it is essential for every single person to behave in a responsible manner and refrain from using plastic. Bags, cups, and straws made of plastic are going to be prohibited across the whole country of India from October 2nd, according to the same league. 

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