These 4 intuitive Zodiac Signs may always trust their instincts


Many consider Pisces the most perceptive sign. Pisceans are deeply in touch with their inner world since Neptune rules intuition and dreams. They comprehend people's emotions and intentions intuitively because they are very empathic and sensitive.


Another intuitive sign is Cancer. Moon-ruled Cancers are emotionally and instinctively aware. They make judgments based on instinct, particularly in love and family.

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Scorpios have strong intuition and awareness. Scorpios can naturally read between the lines and unearth hidden facts since Pluto rules them. They use intuition to handle difficult circumstances and relationships.


While adventurous and free-spirited, Sagittarians are also perceptive. Jupiter, the planet of growth and knowledge, rules Sagittarius, who follow their intuition while trying new things. They can see the larger picture and follow their instincts.

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