Trump punishes bothersome women with his usual tactics. For now, Nikki Haley(Part-1)

MAULDIN, SC — Hillary Clinton. Nancy Pelosi. Kamala Harris. Liz Cheney. Carly Fiorina. For now, Nikki Haley. A particular playbook has been saved for the former South Carolina governor, the latest in a long line of women who have been Republican Donald Trump's most tenacious adversaries. The intimidation, profanity, nicknames, and other insults he uses for males are commonplace.

Trump uses insults against women's looks, emotional balance, and IQ to emasculate his male opponents. Mispronounces their names. Two female politicians looked confused by him. He doubts their right to confront him. Trump calls Republican Haley, his UN ambassador, “Birdbrain

who the heck was the impostor? Trump slammed Haley following the New Hampshire primary, who accepted his win but refused to withdraw out of the GOP presidential election race. "What's she doing?" I said as I observed her in the probably-not-so-fancy clothing. We won.”

Haley, who lost in Iowa and New Hampshire but will run in her home state's first-in-the-South GOP primary on Feb. 24, said Trump threw a “tantrum” because he feels threatened.

“It’s not just that he’s running against Nikki Haley,” said Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics director Debbie Walsh.

 Due to her daring to oppose him... He targets women for their gender and appearance.” Trump has boasted about controlling women, which is tested when one refuses to step down.

The 2016 campaign-threatening “Access Hollywood” audio showed Trump saying, “You can do anything” to women when famous. Trump won 39% of women's votes over Clinton.

Trump's proportion of women voters grew to 44% in 2020, even as he lost to President Joe Biden, in part because Biden gained support among males, according to a Pew Research Center study of verified voters.