Trump punishes bothersome women with his usual tactics. For now, Nikki Haley(Part-2)

Mostly, Haley has accepted Trump's sexism. She told CNN on Sunday that he was respectful to her as his UN ambassador but is now “flawed.”

No Trump campaign spokesman responded to a request for comment. Trump's views on women he considers hurdles and his 2024 campaign comments are below. Trump called her "nasty woman," said she didn't appear presidential, and that her voice gave him a headache.

In St. Louis, Missouri, two days after The Washington Post released the “Access Hollywood” tape, Trump's approach to Clinton, his Democratic opponent in the 2016 presidential race, was most evident at a debate on Oct. 9.

Trump, 6'3", hovered over and behind Clinton, 5'5", during the town hall-style session. She later said, “my skin crawled.” He was so near. Trump referenced the argument at a North Carolina rally days later. “She walked in front of me. I was unimpressed, he said.

As president, Trump labeled House speaker Nancy “Crazy Nancy,” refusing to shake her hand at the State of the Union after the House impeached him. She questioned his “manhood” in a Democratic meeting, “as if manhood could ever be associated with him.”

When he gave the State of the Union speech in 2019, she smiled and clapped, as captured in a famous snapshot. He talked on television the next year, and she mocked him. She then ripped up his speech on-camera behind his back and displayed the fragments.

Since Trump frequently confused her with Pelosi in a Jan. 19 address, Haley has raised concerns about his mental health. It highlights her requests for mental capacity checks for politicians, as well as Trump and Biden's ages (77 and 81). Trump scarcely mentioned Tim Kaine as Clinton's 2016 running partner. The president spoke extensively about Biden's vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, four years later.

Trump quickly labeled Harris “nasty” and declared “nobody likes” her. That statement reflects a likability requirement given to women leaders more than males. He said North Carolina voters Harris being the first female president would be “an insult to our country”.