US Mint Sales: Harriet Tubman Coins Hold Top Spots

Through the week that ended on January 14, commemorative coins that were issued in honor of Harriet Tubman continued to maintain their top sales rankings at the United States Mint.

The coins concluded their initial week of sales following their pre-sale launch on January 4th. Shipping of the coins will not commence until February 12th, and a $5 reduction in price is applicable for each coin until February 5th.

There were four of the coins that featured Tubman that made it onto the top ten sales list of the United States Mint, along with a proof set that had three coins. The more costly gold coins did not make it to the top of the list; they came in at places 20 and 21 respectively.

This time around, the most popular coin was the 2024-P Proof Harriet Tubman Silver Dollar. It surpassed the 2023-S Morgan & Peace Silver Dollar Reverse Proof Set, which had a substantial surge of 17,099 units, to become the Mint's second-best selling last week. 

sales totaling 217,554 were reached. The most recent sales data reveals that the set is heading in the other way, with a loss of 6,850 pieces, bringing it down to 210,704 units. This is a reversal of the previous scenario.

The most recent report from the United States Mint included sales figures for 405 different numismatic items. Of the goods tracked, 51 had sales that were higher than the previous week, up from 43 in the previous report. Compared to the last report, four goods had gains of more than 1,000 units.

In addition, there was a significant rise from two goods in the prior report to seven products, all of which had negative weekly sales. Two of them saw steep drops in value; the 2023-S Morgan & Peace Silver Dollar Reverse Proof Set is one of them. 

A loss of 1,390 was seen in the other product, which is the 2023 Proof Set. This represents the product's fourth consecutive weekly decline, after previous weekly decreases of 298 and 1,157, as well as those of 1,309.

The following tables provide an overview of the most recent sales of numismatic goods produced by the United States Mint. Between the 8th and 14th of January, the sales period is in effect. Items that are denoted with an asterisk (*) are either no longer available or have not been reported to have sold.

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