Visual Illusion Challenge: In just 10 seconds, can you use your keen eyesight to locate the concealed seal in this image?

By fooling our eyes and brains into thinking something else, optical illusions fascinate audiences and leave them in awe. 

Artists and designers captivate and perplex onlookers by deftly manipulating these visual clues to create illusions. 

Confusion is a wonderful byproduct of the brain's efforts to make sense of visually contradicting information. 

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Insights into the intricacies of human vision and cognition may be gained via studying optical illusions, which also happens to be entertaining. 

There is a wide variety of optical illusions, from those using seemingly moving geometric forms to those involving more complicated visuals in which hidden figures reveal as the viewer shifts their focus. 

Take this optical illusion test to see how good of an observer you are. 

Locate the concealed seal in the allotted ten seconds by paying careful attention to the image. 

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