What a shock! Consuming an excessive amount of junk food might cause a teenager to become deaf and blind.

We commonly choose junk food while eating out or buying ready-to-eat items, but a new research found that it can blind and deafen you. The Annals of Internal Medicine reported on a UK youngster who went deaf and blind from junk eating. He published his case to promote healthy eating.

According to reports, the 17-year-old “fussy eater” had vitamin B12 insufficiency since 14 and was treated. Live Science said that he was blind at 17 after his hearing and eyesight declined at 15.

His visual nerve was harmed owing to low copper and vitamin D levels, and physicians found that he ate fries, chips, white bread, and processed meat. He was diagnosed with nutritional optic neuropathy. Today, he has ARFID, an eating disorder. This involves the sufferer avoiding specific textures, smells, tastes, and appearances or eating at a certain temperature.

Nutritional Optic Neuropathy (Deficiency) The optic nerve malfunctions due to a lack of critical nutrients in the diet. The culprit is folic acid and vitamin B complex insufficiency from malnutrition or poor food, say specialists.

We all know junk food is unhealthy, and this instance is a reminder to avoid it. We also included various health risks caused by junk food overconsumption.

Weight gain is a typical consequence of junk food consumption. Such meal may induce diabetes, joint discomfort, and heart disease due to high sugar, calorie, and fat content.

A research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that junk eating weakens the brain and memory. This is caused by abrupt hippocampal inflammation.

Surprisingly, junk food is also a contributor to depression. Eating too much of these foods causes you to lose important minerals and amino acids, which in turn makes you depressed.

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