What are the best Starbucks hacks?

Best Starbucks money-saving tips

People seeking for Starbucks hacks frequently want to save money. The Daily Dot stated that a clever consumer got a personalized iced coffee for $5. Ordering an espresso shot on the app and adding ingredients to make a latte component by ingredient.

One barista advised, "Not all baristas will fill your cup completely! Not usual; occasionally we're warned not to." Another clever customer suggested starting with espresso and expanding up to make a large coffee drink for $3 on the app.

Another suggested getting a venti oat milk at Starbucks to avoid buying a pricey container at the supermarket. The Starbucks "hack" for saving money is joining the Rewards Program, which offers discounts over time.

One Starbucks-at-Target consumer found "free refills of hot or iced brewed coffee or tea during the same store visit at participating Starbucks stores including licensed stores located in Target, while supplies last."

Is ordering 'no ice' or 'light ice' a real Starbucks hack?

Starbucks customers argue about whether "light ice" or "no ice" gets you more for your money. TikTok inventor Val Marans said, "But why do I have to drink melted ice water now?" when her Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso order was denied.

One barista stated, "It's so triggering when people order with light ice." Another Daily Dot article described a barista as "stingy" in not filling a customer's light ice order. One barista agreed to add three ice cubes to a drink.

Best Starbucks trick for sugar rush

It may have been a drink of its time, but a Starbucks hack in TikTok films in March 2022 became known as "the TikTok drink."

It became so popular that baristas recognized it when consumers ordered it. A barista said, "When someone starts ordering an iced white mocha and I wanna interrupt them and just ask if it’s the TikTok drink with [salted caramel] foam and drizzle.

Espresso, white chocolate mocha sauce, heavy cream cold foam, caramel drizzle, and milk make up an iced white chocolate mocha with salted caramel cold foam and drizzle.

The Daily Dot noted that clients disagree with its delivery. One remarked, “I got so sick of the drink after a few buys, it's nauseatingly sweet,” while another added, “I'm so sorry it just tastes so good.”

This and previous Daily Dot Starbucks coverage provide lessons. There's a balance between trying Starbucks shortcuts and making baristas miserable. Some feel the client is always right and baristas are paid to make personalized beverages for them.

Others think certain hacks are too charming and that Starbucks baristas make better coffee than TikTok users. When you pull into a Starbucks, you must decide on your lifestyle. Hacking or not: One of many questions.

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