What Deebo said to Lynch at halftime of the 49ers' thrilling NFC championship victory

You can trust Deebo Samuel to call for the ball when the game is on the line. The 49ers needed an internal spark as they headed into halftime of the NFC Championship Game behind the Detroit Lions by 17 points, feeling absolutely overmatched defensively.

In a Wednesday interview on the "Up & Adams Show," San Francisco's CEO Jed York said that 49ers general manager John Lynch visited the squad as they analyzed the first half of the game.

York professed her love for Deebo to presenter Kay Adams. "He is exceptional. He is not polished. He gets right down to brass tacks. During halftime, Lynch walked down to the locker room, which was a really stressful situation, right?

As the 49ers' hopes of clinching a spot in Super Bowl LVIII swiftly faded, York relayed Lynch's account of Samuel's precise words and body language.

"You've lost by seventeen points," York chimed in. According to Lynch, Debbie is only sitting there, trembling. "Please have Kyle Shanahan hand me the ball," Beebo pleads. Deebo is that person. He seems like he could really dominate a game at any moment. Thanks a ton for having him on our football team. 

After an unlikely comeback victory over the Lions in the second half, the 49ers are now only days away from playing the Chiefs at Allegiant Stadium for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Samuel topped all receiving with 89 yards, setting up Brandon Aiyuk and the Red and Gold's run attack to score vital points. On occasion, though, the effect transcends numerical metrics.

Respecting one's leadership position and showing initiative are frequently the crux of the matter, as Deebo showed Lynch.