What Mocktail to Drink for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Spicy Watermelon Minta Fresca

 Aries wants to establish trends and lead. Despite your rage, you're a loyal buddy with a tender side. Try this watermelon mint "agua fresca" for a sweet and spicy twist. 

Orange Chai Blossom: Taurus

 Taurus are calm, kind, and grounded. You wear your heart on your sleeve, so you need a drink like this orange chai blossom mocktail to match your warmth and charm.

Whipped Lemonade

Geminis are the zodiac's sparkling charmers. You want to try new things and will leave your comfort zone to have fun. A whipped lemonade suits your cheerful nature yet has enough sharpness to surprise

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Cancer: Triple Berry Sparkler

 Cancers, the zodiac's loving homebodies, adore hosting family. In addition to being pleasant and mellow, the perfect mocktail may be produced in batches

Leo: Shirley Ginger

 Leo is flamboyant, so choose the choice that gets people talking. You'll prefer lively drinks like this Shirley Temple mocktail, which updates a childhood classic with a few additions

Virgo: Dry Cranberry Spritzer

 Happy Virgos don't require much. Your indulgence is enjoyable, but you can do without the bother. Your ideal mocktail has a deep taste and lets the natural ingredient show since you like simplicity. 

Libra: Pomegranate Tonic

 Scorpios are sophisticated and secretive, so you need a drink that seems simple but carries a punch. Your passion and intensity are unmatched

Sagittarius: Mary

 Wild and daring, Sagittarians take chances. If you create a mocktail to speak about, it should be good. With your hectic schedule, it should use ingredients you can get everywhere.

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