What Role Does Gut Health Play in Obesity around the Abdomen?

Gut health can affect obesity, especially abdominal fat distribution. The gut microbiota, a complex collection of bacteria in the digestive system, affects metabolism and weight regulation. 

people may have a distinct microbial composition than healthy people.

Gut bacteria abundance and diversity may affect obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation.

An imbalance in gut bacteria may boost energy extraction from the meal, causing weight gain, especially abdominally.

Gut health issues may cause inflammation, which can lead to obesity and insulin resistance.

Hormone imbalances can cause increased appetite, desires for high-calorie foods, and weight issues.

Probiotics and prebiotics, which modulate the gut flora, have been explored for weight management.

The association between gut health and obesity is under study, although obesity is a complicated disorder influenced by genetics, nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle. 

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