Without a doubt, someone is considering you at this very now.

What are the signs that someone is considering you? When you feel that someone is thinking about you, but you don't know why, have you ever experienced that?

Or do you regularly complete each other's sentences? People have a psychic link, so you can tell when they're thinking about you. These true indications can help you understand:

How your mind instructs your body to react is what your body really does. Quite a few of us are completely unaware of this fact. It is for this reason that you will see a grin that is worth a thousand words whenever you encounter someone you recognize.

They can't suppress their smile because of your beauty, face, and presence. You sense more than meets the eye. Your subconscious is telling you they've been thinking about you.

Have your moods ever changed suddenly? You probably did, but you may not have understood why. You may have been joking and having a wonderful day. You suddenly sense a significant emotional transformation. Depression creeps in like someone sapped your vitality. Someone was probably thinking about you then. Your subconscious is communicating differently. You changed your mood in a split second because that person's energy interfered with yours. Your entry field was screwed up, thus you changed states.

Ever pondered why and how people fall in love? Understand what draws people together initially. Again, this is all subconscious and the energy between two people. When seeking love, individuals instinctively seek someone who can meet their requirements. Someone who completes and does everything they can't. Your subconscious then brings that individual into your life. Two people become closer that way.

If your eyes go crazy, your mind may be detecting something. A sudden eye irritation or twitching implies someone is thinking about you. The individual doesn't have to like you or think well of you. It can be reversed. You may be trash-talked or mentioned negatively. But eye irritation or twitching suggests someone is thinking about you.

Do you ever choke when eating? Could you have gasped for breath after drinking water that went down the incorrect pipe? Your mind wants to generate tension. It seems someone mentioned you and warns you to open your eye and glance around. A hiccup means someone is thinking about you. They indicate mental tension and negativity.

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