1: 1. Mountain Pose: Strengthen your leg muscles, improving overall body alignment.

2: 2. Tree Pose: Enhance stability and balance, while stretching inner thigh muscles.

3: 3. Warrior II Pose: Correct misalignment by strengthening leg muscles and opening hips.

4: 4. Garland Pose: Open up hip joints and inner thighs, working towards proper alignment.

5: 5. Extended Triangle Pose: Stretch and strengthen legs while improving overall alignment.

6: 6. Child's Pose: Ease tension in knees, hips, and thighs, promoting relaxation.

7: 7. Bridge Pose: Strengthen core and leg muscles, supporting proper knee alignment.

8: 8. Pigeon Pose: Release tight hip muscles, aiding in realignment and reducing discomfort.

9: 9. Seated Forward Bend: Stretch hamstrings and calves, helping to correct knock knees. Remember to consult with a qualified instructor before starting any new exercise routine.